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Tips & Tricks for PCB Production

There’s so much to think about while working on a new project -- from client requirements to code to incorporating the latest and greatest components -- that engineers sometimes neglect a critical part of electronics: their PCB layout. Poor PCB layouts, incorrect netlists, and unclear mechanical drawings can cause function and reliability problems in your finished piece, as well as production delays.

You can speed up your PCB project by checking for these common issue before submission. Doing so will not only prevent delays, but ensure your piece works correctly and reliably!

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150 Years of Predicting the Elements of Electronics

If you remember your science lessons, you might recall that Mendeleev was not the first chemist to propose a periodic table; even Plato -- who coined the term “elements” -- had vague notions about how they could be ordered. But Mendeleev’s proposed design, presented to the Russian Chemical Society in 1869, stood out from all the others in three important ways: first, he ordered the elements according to their atomic weight and found that elements with similar weights have similar chemical properties. Second, his table provided for variance from atomic weight order. Third, and most impressive: Mendeleev’s arrangement correctly predicted elements not yet discovered -- he even left spaces for them!

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