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If you don’t know how to “play the game” of the online job hunt, you sadly won’t win. Work with me to learn how to, highlight accomplishments over responsibilities, beat the ATS bots, and present the best version of yourself possible to employees.

Resume Rewrite & LinkedIn Review

Resume Rewrite & LinkedIn Review


Have you been applying for jobs with no results? It can be difficult to create an effective resume, partly because writing about yourself is slightly unnatural, but also because modern hiring platforms utilize automated tools long before your resume ever reaches a human eye. If you don’t know how to “play the game” of the online job hunt, you sadly won’t win.

How does it work?

  1. After booking the rewrite service here, I will contact you via email to obtain the most recent version of your resume and schedule an initial consultation call.

  2. During our call, I will ask you to walk me through each experiance you’ve listed on your resume while asking questions.

  3. I will create a “base” resume on Google Docs optimized for ATS containing details from our call, rewritten to make your best self shine through. Skills and experiences will be customized depending on your career goals.

  4. If you are applying for a specific job, I will provide an additional version of your resume customized for that position.

  5. If desired, I will review your LinkedIn profile and email suggestions for improvement.

  6. Once the resumes are complete, I will also email you helpful tips and tools for optimizing your online presence during the job search.

What is Included?

  • A 30-45 minute call in which I ask you about each position listed on your current resume. We can also do this over Google Docs, but I find speaking in real time - at least for a while - usually produces better results.

  • A revised "base" version of your resume based on our conversation, optimized for ATS.

    • As a note, I'm not a designer. This will be a boring but very readable Google Doc version.

    • I will include notes for keeping resumes re-able by robots while making them pretty for humans.

  • Up to 2 customized versions of your resume tailored to specific jobs or fields you may be interested in.

  • A review of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Tools and resources for optimizing your resume in the future.

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