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PvE Portland

Back in early 2014, I created a short lived website covering all things nerdy in and around Portland. While PVE Portland is now a thing of the past, the posts are preserved here.

Posts tagged keep portland weird
Brian Kidd: The Unipiper!

Brian Kidd was just your average college student taking free bagpipe lessons, until a fateful night when his eye was caught by the glimmer of an abandoned unicycle laying in a trashcan. As his hand gripped the cold metal of the wheel, the mystic power of the cycle shot up his arm and he was forever transformed. 

Now, Brian rides through the city streets in a Darth Vader mask, his kilt and cape swaying behind him in a breeze, the bellowing of his bagpipes echoing through the town like a godly proclamation to keep Portland weird. He is a symbol. A myth. A legend. He is... The Unipiper!

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