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PvE Portland

Back in early 2014, I created a short lived website covering all things nerdy in and around Portland. While PVE Portland is now a thing of the past, the posts are preserved here.

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{LOG} Camp - Coding The Future

A group of talented, young web developers invited me to stop by and check out their latest projects. I meandered around the room of coders hunched over computers, busily typing away and a peculiar image on a screen caught my attention.

“It's Megalodon,” the coder informed me. “He's a giant shark. I'm really into Megalodon right now, that's what my whole website is about. I mean, I really like Pokemon too, but... sorry, I just have to do this...”

She leans forward to continue writing script and a photo of “Megalodon” appears at the top corner of her website. I don't have the heart to tell her that the photo is actually a poorly Photoshoped image of a great white shark. 

Why ruin her dream? After all, she's only nine years old.

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