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PvE Portland

Back in early 2014, I created a short lived website covering all things nerdy in and around Portland. While PVE Portland is now a thing of the past, the posts are preserved here.

Cloud Cap Games


Cloud Cap Games is a beautifully decorated and locally owned gaming store located off "antique row" in Sellwood. The store carries hundreds of new and used board, card, and dice games from around the world, from simple / classic games for kids to complex Euro table top titles. They also carry dice, puzzles, and trading cards.

The staff is remarkably knowledgeable, and will be glad to tell you about any game in the store and help you find just the right one. The selection can be intimidating, so don't be afraid to ask for help finding a certain title or type of game.

You can try many of their most popular titles out in the open play area on the side of the store. If you want to try out a game for longer, you can rent it from their game library. It's only $5 to take a game home for three nights, and your rental fees can be applied towards 50% of the purchase of your own copy.

Cloud Cap hosts a variety of events, including game tournaments and special release parties. Game demonstrations are conducted every Saturday, and are a great chance to learn how to play the latest releases. Magic the Gathering is played every Friday evening. Board game nights are Wednesday and Saturdays from six until closing, with Wednesdays being the more family-friendly of the two nights. Check out the store's website for the latest information on events.

Many of the events require a punch card, bought in $10 increments. Most events are only $1 (or one punch), and punch card holders get special discounts on purchases.

Next time you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by Cloud Cap Games!