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PvE Portland

Back in early 2014, I created a short lived website covering all things nerdy in and around Portland. While PVE Portland is now a thing of the past, the posts are preserved here.

{LOG} Camp - Coding The Future

A group of talented, young web developers invited me to stop by and check out their latest projects. I meandered around the room of coders hunched over computers, busily typing away and a peculiar image on a screen caught my attention.

“It's Megalodon,” the coder informed me. “He's a giant shark. I'm really into Megalodon right now, that's what my whole website is about. I mean, I really like Pokemon too, but... sorry, I just have to do this...”

She leans forward to continue writing script and a photo of “Megalodon” appears at the top corner of her website. I don't have the heart to tell her that the photo is actually a poorly Photoshoped image of a great white shark. 

Why ruin her dream? After all, she's only nine years old.

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Chris Larson of Artist's Block

For many of us, LEGO brings back fond memories of spending hours hunched on the floor making vast brick worlds. Now you can proclaim your proud LEGO heritage to everyone you meet with unique fashion accessories created by local artist Chris "CDR" Larson, who pieces together neckties, bow-ties, and jewelry from the iconic blocks. The results are one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces of wearable LEGO art.

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Caitlin Johnstone of Shiro Cosmetics

Shiro Cosmetics – known for their nerdy-themed makeup and hilarious product names (like the wildly popular eyeshadow “Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Crisp Autumn Morning”) – turns four years old today. We met up with the company founder, Caitlin Johnstone, to hear how she turned $800, a broken arm, and a love for Pokemon into a successful line of indie cosmetics.

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Cat Poole of Cacophonous Creations

Explore the fascinating world of e-textile art with Cat Poole, creator of super cute, electronics-infused creatures.

I had no idea what Cat of Cacophonous Creations looked like, but I ventured to guess the woman with purple hair and a strange, half cat, half octopus creature next to her coffee cup, might just be the person I was looking for. 

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Brian Kidd: The Unipiper!

Brian Kidd was just your average college student taking free bagpipe lessons, until a fateful night when his eye was caught by the glimmer of an abandoned unicycle laying in a trashcan. As his hand gripped the cold metal of the wheel, the mystic power of the cycle shot up his arm and he was forever transformed. 

Now, Brian rides through the city streets in a Darth Vader mask, his kilt and cape swaying behind him in a breeze, the bellowing of his bagpipes echoing through the town like a godly proclamation to keep Portland weird. He is a symbol. A myth. A legend. He is... The Unipiper!

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James & Kirsten of Cloud Cap Games

James Brady is sitting on a low stool at a counter in Cloud Cap Games. He's surrounded by hundreds of intricate table top games, a bowl of multi-sided die, and packs of collectible trading cards, but he's not sure if he or his wife, Kirsten, will fit my target audience.

“I'm not sure how 'geeky' we are,” he says slowly. “I mean, on a scale of geekiness, we are probably at the low end of the spectrum.”

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