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Dog Park Adventures: Sellwood Park

If you are a Portlander with a dog, you've probably taken your furry friend to the offleash area at Sellwood Park, but if you haven't yet, you should!

There's a large grassy field next to the parking area that is a designated off leash play area, and is usually filled with dogs on sunny days. Be careful in the parking lot itself though, it possible to get ticketed there if your dog is off leash.

Dogs are also commonly off leash along the riverside that runs northward from the park. I'm not sure if this is "official" but I have never seen or heard of individuals receiving tickets for allowing their dogs to run off leash here. Oregon State Park law allows dogs to run free in sandy areas not designated as a wildlife preserve, so it seems this may apply here as well. There is a well marked area of woods that is a wildlife preserve. Dogs may walk there on leash.

My dog and daughter both have a blast playing along the river and would gladly stay for hours. We meet so many friendly dogs and their owners, it's always a great time.

The park is located here: